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We appreciate your wish to pass on your condolence. You will understand that we must be careful to avoid disrespectual and offence messages going to the the families of the breaved. To ensure that all the condolences are respectfull they must first be approved. We hope that you will understand that at busy times there can be several days delay before your message is published.

In common with other companies our web forms attract "spam". In order to avoid viewing many pages of "spam" we have introduced some basic checks to reduce its occurrence and enable us to approve genuine condolences much faster. We regret the need to do this and hope that you will understand why we must do this.

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Steenson Funeral Services  has considerable experience of repatriating deceased persons to Northern Ireland and also from Northern Ireland to overseas. We can advise on legal requirements and procedures and can help with all the arrangements


Want to add your words of support to a bereaved family? Use this link to add your condolence to an obituary article or view condolences left by others.

Memorial renovation

Kerbs and posts sometimes become loose on memorials. We can repair the memorial and prevent this reoccurring.  Over the years most memorials will require cleaning. We offer a cleaning service that can restore memorials to almost new condition.